The Monument Section


The Monument Section lies to the west of the Memorial Garden. This section of the Cemetery is sold out – no plots are available for sale.

After the Cemetery’s original acre, the Old Burying Ground, was filled, the need for developing a new, larger section was clear. Because of the gifts over the years of many generous benefactors, the beautiful Monument Section, the Cemetery’s largest section by far, was developed. In it graves are marked by upright headstones that date from the 19th century (some even earlier) to the present day. It contains the Cemetery’s only mausoleum. In 1850 Joshua Hallock bequeathed an acre of land that became part of this section. The Hallock area of the Monument Section has been used for burying those who cannot afford to purchase a burial plot.

Visitors to the Cemetery are urged to meander through the paths of the Monument Section and enjoy its tranquility and beauty. Many flowering trees are to be found in this Section; they are never so lovely as they are in spring. The granite stones of this section are much harder than the relatively soft stones of the Old Burying Ground's slates, sandstones, and marbles. Though no stone rubbings are permitted in the Old Burying Ground, visitors are welcome to do rubbings in the Monument Section.