What a legacy of faith! From the early colonialism through Revolution and more, through Awakenings and Revivalism, Enlightenment through Atomic Age and now to post modern and beyond, this congregation has weathered much change. And what can be said for resilience, except that the Spirit of Christ has abounded among us, and will continue as we humbly acknowledge Christ as our source and wellspring, from which all good things come.

Rev. Dr. Peter Kelley  Minister

Rev. Dr. Peter Kelley

Carol DeLong   Church Secretary

Carol DeLong

Church Secretary

Mary Mraz   Music Team Member

Mary Mraz

Music Team Member

John Orgass   Church Sexton

John Orgass

Church Sexton

Leadership of the First Presbyterian Church

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The Committees of the Session


The Buildings and Grounds Team is responsible for all church facilities, property, grounds, and equipment. Ruling Elder Jim Baker  is the Chairperson of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

faith formation

The Christian Education Team directs a far-reaching program for all ages, including church school classes, adult education, Vacation Bible School, confirmation mentoring, SALT (“Serving and Learning Together”) and the youth group. Ruling Elder Mike Mraz is the Chairperson of the Christian Education Committee.


The Mission Team interprets our church’s mission to support to a variety of local, regional, national and global efforts. Current initiatives include Maureen’s Haven, Mission Trips, Medical Missionary support, The Giving Tree, One Great Hour of Sharing Offering, Peace and Global Witness Offering, Christmas Joy Offering, and Thanksgiving Turkeys for the annual Migrant Dinner sponsored by the Long Island Council of Churches. Ruling Elder Elizabeth Burns is the Chairperson of the Mission Committee.

Hospitality & Fellowship

The Hospitality & Fellowship Team feeds our congregation’s soul – literally – by providing meals for all our special events.  Ruling Elder John Ross is Chair of the Committee.


The Church Growth Team works to seek prospective new members of the congregation and nurture existing members through a wide range of communication efforts.  Additionally, this group oversees the assimilation and participation of newer members into our church community.  Ruling Elder Caroline MacArthur is the Chairperson of the Committee.


The Stewardship and Finance Team manages all financial aspects of the church, including budgeting, stewardship, insurance and investing. Interpretation of a theology of stewardship encompassing all of life is part of this Committee’s responsibilities. Ruling Elder Ed Ward is the Chairperson of the Stewardship and Finance Committee.


The Worship Team is responsible for the wide array of activities designed to provide a meaningful worship experience. These elements include an innovative music program as well as welcoming ushers and greeters who participate in each service.  Ruling Elder Susan Dingle is Chairperson of the Worship Committee


The Personnel Team is responsible for all matters dealing with the ordained ministry and staff of the church, including the annual review of the terms of call for the Pastor, interpreting the concerns of the church to the Pastor, and for communicating concerns of the Pastor to the Session and the church. Ruling Elder Ann Romeo is Chairperson of the Personnel Committee.


The Cemetery Team provides for maintenance and upkeep of the historic Cemetery, property, and Memorial Garden, in addition to educational and promotional programs related to the cemetery. Ruling Elder Arthur Leudesdorf  is the Chair of the Cemetery Committee and Jane Andrews is the Cemetery Director.